Riding High Motorsports is a group of people who took their trucks from a stock form to something that represents them as an individual. You can love our trucks or hate them but our work will be respected by everyone once we are done with all the new projects. Our work is nothing short of amazing, as we can relate to anyone who loves to work on their vehicles like we do.

We have some new things under works; the first stage should be completed by the summer of 2009. We will keep you posted on the progress as we get close and give you more details on what we are doing.


We have tons of new pictures, so make sure you check them out.

Raj's and Daniel's truck are both out of the shop.

Ridin High has joined with Bad Rat MotorSports.

We have started to do installations; so if you need some work done feel free to contact us.

Traction Bars are in the works, which will be shipping as soon as we get a few sets made. Pictures will be posted as soon as they are ready.









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